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Let’s talk about High Traffic Academy by Vick Strizheus for just one second. Stay with me here because what I’m going to share with you, will really open your eyes to what Vick Strizheus has put together inside High Traffic Academy.

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So High Traffic Academy is all about getting huge amounts of targeted visitors to any website. Sounds easy right? Well, I’ve been a member for two months now and I just wanted to share with you what I’ve been through.

You’ve probably watched the videos with Vick Strizheus getting over 364,000 visitors to his website in just one day. If you haven’t, you can watch it anytime HERE.

At first glance, I was like, wow.. this is pretty cool stuff, I could really implement these strategies and improve my business. I was excited, this stuff really looks like it could work for me. So, I went ahead and watched the other 3 videos (making that a total of 4 video) and signed up to High Traffic Academy. Each video is about an hour long so make sure you have time to watch them all the way through.

I logged in and there I was, inside the High Traffic Academy members area. I’m not going to lie, it looked like a lot of effort was put into the program, it had a nice template theme (orange and white) and it really looked like something special. So there I was, inside the members area looking around on where I should get started. I went into stage one (the development stage) and started watching the videos.

In stage one you learn about how to get a domain and how to set up your website, pretty basic stuff. It wasn’t anything new to me though, I’ve been making money online for almost a decade now (10+ years). So I just skimmed through the videos and Vick Strizheus still managed to amaze me! The videos were really put together well, he goes into exactly what you need to do, where to go and how to set everything up so you can start sending traffic to your website. Pretty cool stuff.

Next thing you know, I’m in stage 3 (the list building stage). Here is where I was really blown away. Vick Strizheus has set it up so that Frank Kern teaches you LIVE exactly what you need to do to build and monetize your email list. These videos really get your attention and teach you everything you need to know on how to build up a profitable business online with the least amount of effort and expense.

So I sign up to GetResponse, my website is already set up and everything is looking good! I’m was on the right track and I was excited to start generating thousands of targeted visitors. I get to the traffic stage, and here is where I decided to really pay attention and get a full grasp of everything Vick was teaching (I mean hey, I’m inside High Traffic Academy because I want traffic right?). So I sign up to these “advertising networks” and start promoting my website.

Right away, I start seeing floods of traffic and start seeing subscribers in my email list. This is where it got FUN! I mailed out to my subscribers with exactly what Frank Kern and Vick taught me, and when I went to look inside my ClickBank account the next morning.. I had made $1,528! That’s HUGE. It was amazing, I never knew how easy it was to get traffic and make sales. And more importantly, how easy it was to provide my subscribers with exactly what they were looking for. It was a new beginning for me, and I’m just getting started.

I want to spread the word and hopefully point you in the right direction to change your life with what High Traffic Academy has done for me.

Check it out at http://HighTrafficAcademySecret.com and start watching the FREE video series Vick Strizheus has set up for us. Or you can go directly to the High Traffic Academy Facebook fan page and check out all the cool tips, tricks and secrets on how to help you improve or even start your business.

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